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18_httpdaddy Twitter

We have gathered as much information as possible about the trending account 18_httpdaddy Twitter. The account was created on March 2022 and currently has 129.3k followers. The account owner is currently unknown, and we will update ifmore information becomes available. The account’s home page doesnot display a picture either. The account is exclusively used to post pornographic content. Prior to viewing the videos, the bio mentions that it is intended for ages 18+ only. It has no other content as far as we could search.

Who is 18_httpdaddy?

There are different kinds of pornographic contents posted on twitter every day. Some of them are only images for promotional purposes or to attract new users. Whereas the contents posted in the 18_httpdaddy Twitter video are extremely vulgar and inappropriate for all audiences. It has gained a huge fan base in a very short time. Twitter is an open platform that is not restricted by most countries due to its integrity. In fact, it is used to announce many events by various leaders around the world. Contents from popular platforms such as Twitter gain popularity rapidly in countries where viewing pornographic content is forbidden.

The exact intention of posting pornographic content is not yet clear. There is no financial gain, the fame gained by the followers is of no use as the user remains hidden at all times. Yet there is a vast amount of porn content on this page. These accounts remain a mystery as to how it is not blocked yet or reported to twitter. Such content on social media platform become a menace to the under viewers on the platform. It endangers the security and the integrity of the website. Automatic filters must be more effective so as to stop porn during the time of upload to avoid losing reputation on the internet.

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