9000 years old shrine in the Jordan desert?

Archaeologists find a 9000 years old shrine in the Jordan desert

A team of Jordanian and French archaeologists claimed on Tuesday that they had unearthed a shrine dating back around 9000 years in Jordan’s eastern deserts. The ritualistic compound is a fascinating discovery, located in a Prehistoric campground among gigantic constructions known as “desert kites” or mob traps, which are likely to have been used to corral forest wildebeest for killing.

These traps, which are found dispersed over the deserts of the Mid East, are made up of two or more long stone walls that come together to form an enclosure. “The place is unusual, first and foremost for its degree of conservation,” said Jordanian archaeologist Wael Abu-Aziza, who is also the program’s co-director. “It’s 9000 years old, and practically everything was still in good condition.”

With just altars and fireplace, as well as ocean shells and a small model of the antelope trap, the shrine contained two sculpted ancient ruins with humanistic figures (one of which was flanked by a portrayal of the “desert kite”), as well as other items. There were intricately carved freestanding skeletons with human figures on them, one of which was accompanied by a portrayal, all contained within the shrine.

9000 years old shrine location?

The shrine, according to the scientists, “sheds a completely new perspective on the symbolic styles, artistic creativity, and spirituality lifestyle of these previously unknown Neolithic tribes.” In the declaration, it was stated that because of the vicinity of the place to the hooks, it was likely that the residents were specialist shooters and also that the contraptions were “the core of their cultural, economic, and even symbolic lives in this peripheral boundary.”¬†were among those who participated in the expedition. The excavation took place throughout the most current excavation season, which was in 2021.

France’s embassy to Jordan, Veronique Vouland-Aneini, acknowledged that “result for both the intellectual scientist community and Jordan”. It notes that the discovery “represents us with a valuable record of the ancient state in the Mid Eastern, its customs, and rites.”

Also, Researchers and archaeologists keep on going to argue the significance of historic rock formations about 9000 years old shrine. Also, stone pyramids, and monoliths despite the fact that they can be found throughout the world. There are a plethora of hypotheses about their relevance. Some believe they were created as astronomical observatories. Many others believe they were built as places of ritual and worship by ancient cultures. For decades, people have also been perplexed as to how the massive stones were carried and erected thousands of years before the invention of the wheel. It much alone other modern technological advances. Here are six megalithic sites that have remained cloaked in mystery for thousands of years.

Topmost 3000 years old shrine in England?

Stonehenge, located in the England town of Salisbury, is one of the most famous massive stone structures worldwide. The creation of the loop of rocks began approximately 3000 yrs back by Neolithic civilizations. A pair of unique quarries in Pembrokeshire, Wales, has been identifying as the source of the bluestones. That bluestones make up the ancient monument, which is hundreds of miles away from where it now stands. According to historical speculation, the stones were brought to England on rafts down rivers. Then pulled on wooden sleighs by roller-driven oxen, a process that must have taken months of toil. The stone circle is one of a number of ancient constructions. Also, that dot on the landscape of Salisbury Plain, all of which date back thousands of years. The location has long been reverted as a sacred area; even today, pagans congregate there to commemorate the winter and summer solstices, respectively.

Where is the Top 2nd 3000 years old shrine?

Thousands of prehistoric moves (single upright monoliths) and other forms of megaliths can be discover in town. Also, they surround the little village. The village is of Carnac in the French province of Brittany. There has been speculation that the rows of rocks date back to the Middle Neolithic period (about 3000 BCE). But no definitive date has been provided. There are approximately 3000 years old of them. Some of which are as tall as 20 feet and stretch for a total distance of more than 4 miles in length. It consists of a collection of megaliths, burial mounds, and enclosures.

All of which reflects a remarkable accomplishment of Neolithic engineering and building. The arrangements have long been assumed to have performed a ritualistic or religious intent. But no one is certain what it was or what it was for. Archaeologists who have studied the site have hypothesized that the lines of stones designate a sacred zone. Possibly bringing people to a place of prayer. The magician Merlin appeared to the Roman army as it marched through Brittany. It is based on a manner reminiscent and transformed the troops into stones.

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