Adam levine Dms and memes about his cheating scandal viral on twitter

Adam Levine’s reported Instagram DMs to a model have become the internet’s newest meme, with many people both denouncing and ridiculing the Maroon 5 singer for being “cringe.” Adam levine dms and memes about his cheating scandal on twitter is viral on twitter check all his messages and photos in the article

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Step Out Smiling Together Amid Cheating Allegations

According to the meme database Know Your Meme, the “Adam Levine Cheating Scandal” meme originally went popular earlier this week when an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh released a TikTok in which she claimed that she had an affair with Adam Levine that lasted for a whole year.

After they had finished talking to one other, Stroh said that Levine had sought her permission to name his future kid after her. It has been claimed that Levine and the model Behati Prinsloo, to whom he has been married since 2014, are expecting their third child together.

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Stroh, who did not immediately reply to request for comment, provided screenshots of the purported dialogue. Her TikTok has received 1.5 million likes in only two days after it was uploaded.

Adam Levine Accused of Sending Additional Women Flirty Messages DMS

A spokesman for Levine did not immediately reply to a request for more comment on Thursday.

The internet has continued to hone in on the claimed texts, which according to screenshots given by Stroh read, “I may need to see the booty” and “It is absolutely amazing how f–—- gorgeous you are.”

Many couldn’t get beyond the method in which Levine reportedly flirts.

“the most awful part about adam levine cheating, even more than the adultery, is the horribly cringe flirting,” one user tweeted.

“like guy you were named sexiest man alive at a time and you have 0 game???? sad,” the individual said.

Know Your Meme highlighted five replies in particular that gained the most attention online, including a tweet from one person who tweeted a photo of Captain Barbosa from “Pirates of the Caribbean” with “I may need to view the booty” as the caption.

More women have come forward to accuse Adam Levine, the frontman for Maroon 5, of sending them seductive texts. Some of these women have sent screenshots of the exchanges, which they say indicate that the singer was the one behind them.

Twitter roasts Adam Levine with savage memes about his cheating scandal

A comedian by the name of Maryka published on Tuesday a series of screengrabs purporting to show a conversation between herself and the musician, in which he allegedly instructs her, “Distract yourself by f****** with me!” Maryka also shared a private video that Levine is said to have given her, in which he can be heard saying, “I’m foolish.” The circumstances surrounding the sending of the film are not entirely apparent.

Another lady by the name of Alyson Rosef also published what she claims are direct messages that were reportedly sent to her by Adam. One of the messages stated, “I shouldn’t be talking to you you know (right)?” Levine reportedly answers, “Said no attractive females ever other than you,” to Alyson after she says that she only loves metal music during another chat. Alyson had said that she only enjoys metal music.

As we previously reported, Instagram model Sumner Stroh was the first to publish Adam Levine’s texts. Stroh claimed that she and Levine had an affair, and she displayed a message conversation in which Levine discussed the impending birth of his kid and remarked, “Ok serious question. I’m expecting another kid and if it’s [a] boy I really want name it Sumner. Are you OK with that? STRICTLY speaking”

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