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Hello, all of my close friends, and welcome back to another day on which we will provide you with extremely useful knowledge. Boxing is an ancient sport that has a rich history, and like any other sport, it comes with its own set of secrets and interpretations. The boxing match between South African fighters Deji and alex wassabi twitter that took place on YouTube and has since gone viral on social media is widely considered to be one of the most significant occurrences in the history of the sport.

The legendary bout took place at a boxing facility in Cape Town, South Africa. YouTube stood out among the other social media platforms as the most suitable venue for hosting such an event. The whole of the event was streamed live on YouTube’s website. Maintain a constant vigil on our website,, for the most recent information!!!!

Alex Wassabi complete fight Video

The boxer Ryan Taylor, who had a long and illustrious career that included a number of famous bouts, was eliminated in the first round of the competition that was hosted on YouTube. During the course of the competition, an argument took place between him and another contestant, and as a result, he was disqualified. When did the battle begin and why? Ryan Taylor said that Mr. Alex Wassabi, another contender, headbutted him in the face. In point of fact, the conflict began when Alex Wassabi, a British YouTuber who goes by the name “The Bearded Prankster,” got into a physical altercation with Ryan Taylor, a former boxer who is famous for the notable bouts he fought throughout his career.

The Deji bout and the Alex Wassabi fight have both been disqualified, and both the boxer and his opponent have been banned by YouTube as a result. As a result, the YouTube boxing event has become far more contentious. The battle was scheduled to be televised on Thursday evening, but it now seems that it will most likely take place a few weeks later than originally planned.

Video highlights of the whole battle between Deji and Alex Wassabi

The battle that everyone has been looking forward to finally took place yesterday. A boxing-style bout between 23-year-old Deji Olatunji and Alex Wassabi, a social media star with over 900,000+ followers on YouTube, was overseen by the well-respected referee Ryan Taylor. Deji Olatunji faced off against Alex Wassabi head-to-head.

At the beginning of the film, Ryan Taylor, who is an expert in martial arts, was in control; but, as time went on, Deji Odo got more confident as he countered attacks and landed his own punches. Alexander Wassabi was smashed to the ground back first during the boxing bout, and after rising up, he took a heavy shot to the shoulder. The fight eventually turned into a boxing match.

alex wassabi twitter and Instagram

The conflict has been resolved, and the victor is Deji. Congratulations! From the beginning of the first round until around the fifth round, when Alex’s performance began to decline, this battle was rather close. Alex was still hitting some excellent strikes, throwing Deji about the ring, and yet he seemed exhausted as the battle went. Despite the fact that he was unable to finish off Deji, Alex was still landing some good shots.

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