Who is Pamela Moses? BLM founder arrested in Atlanta

BLM Founder Arrested in Atlanta

Headlines are being aired on the illegal registering to vote by the founder of Black Lives Matter i.e BLM, Memphis Pamela Moses, BLM founder arrested in Atlanta. BLM founder arrested for hoodwinking the officials of Tennessee and thus got sentenced for six years one day straight by Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich. The judgment came after the confirmation of facts that despite Moses’ probation period, she proceeded to run for chairman and continued registering to vote.

Without beating around the bushes, we shall break the news that 44 aged Pamela, was already convicted under the charges of perjury, theft of $500, stalking, and escape. She pleaded guilty to the felonies and these charges in the year 2015. However, the founder of BLM counter-attacked by saying that she was not informed about the ineligibility to vote or to run for the mayor elections.

Thereafter, Moses got her one foot in the grave when she was ordered to be on a probation period of seven years. Additionally, tampering with the piece of evidence lead her straightly to the strict condemnation to vote in Tennessee. Still, she falsified the claims made against her.

Who is the Founder of BLM?

BLM founder arrested in Atlanta

She argued that the allegations are flawed as she was under the wrong impression of her voting rights restoration. Surprisingly, a judge raised his voice in her favor too. He exclaimed that she came to the respective probation officers and got confirmed about the completion of the said period when he signed the certificate. Fascinatingly, it was the officers’ fault too. The question is are those officers going to be imprisoned for six years too? No one’s going to talk about that.

Another query strikes the mind, what were Tennessee authorities doing at the same time as to why she was never taken off from the list of rolls. However, Memphis officials never got the documents and paperwork regarding the same. BLM founder Pamela Moses was sentenced to 6 years for illegally voting

BLM missing money

Yet the winds started blowing in the opposite directions when Pamela had the knowledge of her ineligibility in the 2019 mayor elections due to her previous offenses. Post this scenario, officials became aware of the fact that she never went down the polls list even though she was on her probation period.

Moreover, Criminal Court Judge W. Mark throw rash words on Pamela’s face that she hoaxed the entire department to obtain voting rights.

Puzzled in nuances, the question arises that how they were being tricked? Was the error made on their own part or did she make them cause such error via deceiving?

Who is Pamela Moses?

The founder of BLM Pamela Moses arrested on the claims mentioned above. She graduated in political science from Tennessee University. She is a mother of two children. She has been a principal at St. Andrew Anglican Secondary School.

Moses is known to be the present Parliament Secretary, Senator, and a famous Grenadian politician carrying duty of Youth affairs in Sports, Youth, and religious Ministry in Keith Administration.

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