Actress Denise Richards after trying Onlyans, husband shoots content?

Actress Denise Richards entered the realm of Only Fans, where her daughter was already experimenting, three months ago. The 51-year-old has evaluated her current situation. Actress Denise Richards after trying Onlyans watch her video in this article

Denise Richards reveals that her husband shoots content for her OnlyFans page

She is succeeding thanks to the support of her fans, which was not the case with her daughter because she faced harsh criticism at the time she made the decision. When Sami, her daughter from her marriage to Charlie Sheen, decided to follow this road at the age of 18, she faced harsh criticism. Her mother stood up for her.

“She is 18 years old, and her choice is not influenced by the residence she resides in. As a mother, all I can do is rely on her judgement, but she makes her own choices “explained Denise Richards. She hasn’t faced as much opposition for joining the sector, in comparison.

Richards really spoke openly about her experience during an appearance with the Jeff Lewis show on Sirius XM radio.

Denise Richards Says She Joined OnlyFans To Deflect Criticism From Her Daughter After She Joined The Platform

“I’ve been a bikini model, a lingerie model, and now I do more sexual stuff because I think, ‘Why not,’ if I can go beyond the more demure content that’s on my Instagram,” she says, adding shamelessly that she posts much more explicit content, including pictures and videos of herself without clothes.

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“If you Google it, you can find a picture of my breasts and vagina. Sometimes, maybe just once, you need to go a little bit further.”

Husband Aaron shoots her videos

She also receives support at home in addition to all of this. Aaron, her husband: “Aaron often captures my material. He is aware of what males can find attractive, so I show him items and get his opinion.”

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