Doglapan meaning and Ye sab Doglapan hai meme

Doglapan meaning

Lately, Shark Tank India has been hovering over the heaps of memes it’s producing. Memers are unable to hold themselves to draw the humor out of this entrepreneurship show. Do you know doglapan meaning?

Shark Tank India is based on the American entrepreneur reality show. Rising entrepreneurs who sought to make a change pitch their goods of high business potential in front of the investors’ jury. The best pitches of huge prospectives gain the investments by judges themselves. This show is a platform for modern minds who are filled with creativity. The amazing deals and the world of business aired on it are blowing the viewers’ minds in no time.

In a recent episode, it crossed the levels of hilarity when Ashneer Grover used the word Doglapan repeatedly for the other sharks. Ashneer Grover is one of the judges of Shark Tank India and the founder of a famous fintech company, Bharat Pe. The word doglapan came straight from the horse’s mouth to call other sharks hypocrites. The founder of Bharat Pe felt the pitchers acting like hypocrites and that’s when this general Hindi word hit the limelight.

Doglapan meaning in English

In general, doglapan is hypocritical. Doglapan meaning in English is acting like having higher standards and practicing an activity but criticizing the same to another person. Thus, when a person doesn’t conform to notions and standards and acts like that too, that’s what we call Hypocrisy. However, Dogla meaning in English is mischievous, half-bred, or mongrel. There are so many more perspectives regarding the meanings of these words. Commonly people call it double standards.

Thus after Ashneer Grover threw the word in the face of investors and a young mind, he grabbed the attention of everyone. The judges tweeted about the same on their handles and people can’t seem to stop talking about it. Not only this, the founder of Bharat Pe is actually known for his blunt speech and his short temper. He loosed his temper more than five times over the show and finally said to the sharks that they are hypocrites.

Ye sab Doglapan hai meme

Grover made hilarious comments about entrepreneurs and offended too many of them due to his rude behavior. In one of the instances, he told a person that he dissipated his life and degree. He offended the young mind by calling out their products as cheap and copied. He asked one of them to find a job and to learn the business from the scratch.

Ye sab Doglapan hai meme:

Doglapan meaning

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