Who is saba azad? Is she Hritik Roshan’s girlfriend?


Recently, Saba Azad has become the hot potato for the paparazzi. The tittle-tattle of fans too doesn’t stop on the rumors of Saba being Hritik Roshan girlfriend. The rumored couple has been captured in cameras of the media for the second time while they had a dining date in a cafe of Bandra. Fans are flopping up on the internet to make their points. While many admirers wished that they could see Saba as Saba Azad Hritik Roshan, thus Hritik Roshan wife. Whereas, we got a bunch of haters too who bluffed the relationship of said couple by saying that Hritik deserved better. Most of the fans abruptly called it a massive generation gap by commenting that Hritik Roshan age is 48 years while Saba Azad age is 31.

The couple met for the first time at a party organized by a leading Businessman in Mumbai. The love birds however have not acknowledged their relationship publicly. But someone has to tell Saba that she can’t hide herself by covering her face with her long hair. The actress was trying hard to avoid paparazzi when Hritik holded her hands outside the cafe.


Saba took birth in Delhi, India in November,1990. She was born in an Indian family and has an elder brother. Saba grew up in Delhi and started working as a theater artist. After that Saba joined Safdar Hashmi’s theater group where she got ample opportunities in regards to exposure of great artists. Fascinatingly, Saba is the niece of Safdar Hashmi, a director, and communist play writer.

Well, to make it very clear Saba’s birth name is not what we call her. She belongs to a Sikh family thus, her birth name is Saba Singh Grewal. However, her changed name is still in controversy. Saba is extremely fit and healthy weighing 55 kgs. Saba Azad height is 160cms.


Hailing from a theatrical background made her inclined to act by default. She is a well-known actress, theater director, musician, and restaurateur. Being exposed to amazing artists she grew up as a rising talent. After working in the theater of Safdar Hashmi, she made her own theater company which was later named “The skins” in 2010. Thereupon, she directed her first play, namely Lovepuke. Other than theater, she excelled in dancing too. Saba is a professional dancer in Jazz, Ballet, Odissi, Latin. She performed Odissi internationally too.

While Saba performed as an artist, she made her entry in short films too. She debuted with her first short film, Guroor. This short film got featured in New York also. Soon, Dil Kabaddi became her Bollywood debut. However, she got fame in Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge? Moreover, people recognize her due to the commercial ads of famous brands like Google, Kit Kat, Ponds, Cadbury, Vodafone, Airtel, etc. In 2013, Yash Raj Films posted a Dhoom Anthem on YouTube which starred Saba Azad. Moreover, she recorded ample songs for Bollywood like Calcutta Kiss for Byomkesh Bakshi.

Saba Azad net worth is Rs.95 Crore i.e, $15Million. The net worth of Azad has grown by 16% in the past two years. She owns cars like Porsche, Mini Cooper, and BMW.


She got driven towards music and singing after doing theater for some time. Soon after, Saba formed an electronic band in 2012 with Imaad Shah, a musician and actor. They performed in this band, Mink, together for a long time in various cities. In 2013, Imaad publicized their live-in relationship. After dating each other for some time, they broke up for unknown reasons.

Hritik Roshan girlfriend?

Hritik Roshan girlfriend

Currently, she is rumored as Hritik Roshan girlfriend and some supporters showcase her as Hritik Roshan wife. They are presently in a live-in relationship since 2020.


War of words began when Saba decided to bring alteration in her name. Her original name was Saba Singh Grewal. Soon her head flung upon “AZAD” meaning free, freedom. Azad made a statement,

Hello my name is Saba Singh Grewal and I’m a proud child of a Sardar and Kashmiri. In a time where diversity looked at as a threat, where secularism and inclusiveness have become cuss words, where one name is one’s only identity, I took a name of my own choosing “AZAD”(free)- free of religious tags, free of conditioned understanding of what or who I may be, free of the fear of what taking this name may bring me.”

Thereafter, she got extremely trolled on social media.

Another instance of controversy arose when she actively participated in an Anti-CAA protest in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi in 2010. She recited the poem of Faiz Ahmed, Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hai Tere. This recitation resulted in havoc as people took it as a celebration for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

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