Jrd88 Twitter Video of Russia’s missile on 14 year old girl?

Jrd88 Twitter Video

Video of a spot on a 14-year-old girl

The posting of the 14 years old video clip on Twitter by the profile name @Jrd88 is a VIDEO clip of the roads of Ukraine during the conflict. The 14-year-old was traveling along the roadway at 7 a.m. on February 24th, and the missiles bomb fell exactly where he was passing through at the time. Following the explosion, it happened that she was struggling to stand up and that she ultimately failed to do so. She caused injuries as a result of the explosion. Throughout Russia’s bombing campaign in Ukraine, the 14-year-old girl lost track of where she was living. Here we little bit more discussion about the Jrd88 Twitter video.

According to the Ukrainian Health Commission’s senior official, about 198 Ukrainians, including three children, have died as a result of Russia’s invasion of the country, according to the Interfax source materials press agency on Saturday. He stated that 1,115 people were injured, with 33 of them being children.

Ukraine Russia Missiles attacks?

The Ukraine Navy has come under fire from some for abandoning a few of their inhabitants unprotected on the street during the fighting. They stated that Ukraine was unable to protect its citizens and that females require to be aware of how to access the web during the war. They were correct. On the other hand, many other people are praying for her well-being.

Jrd88 Twitter Video?

Jrd88 posted that Twitter video, which is now virality as Jrd88 Twitter video, is gaining the cap in the Ukarrai Russia war. His Twitter profile is like a squabble variant. The Twitter profile is as Jrd88. He captioned in that video that 14 years old girl riding on her bike. It is the scene of Uman, Ukraine. Below is the link of that particular video. You can see how the 14 years old girl watched in that Russian Missile attack.

Congress Member of Parliament KC Venugopal maintains contact with EAM Dr. S Jaishankar, asking him to ensure collaboration with adjacent Hungarian and Romanian authorities for the removal of Indian nationals from Ukrainian territory. A lack of cooperation amongst government department professionals at line concentrations, according to him, is a problem.

Ukraine Russia War conditions:

According to British armed forces priest James Heappey, Russian forces have not captured the central and southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol. Also, they strategically shielded areas of the Russian advance on the Ukrainian capital. Kyiv has been halted by Ukrainian resistance, according to the BBC. His prediction was that Russia would fail to acquire any of its initial targets in its operation in Ukraine. It started on Thursday. Heappey said the British judgment was that Russia would fail to seize any of its initial targets in its strike on Ukraine.

Boundaries of Kyiv?

The majority of Ukraine’s territory, including Melitopol, which the Russians claim to have captured but which has so far shown to be untrue. It is still in Ukrainian control, Heappey told the BBC radio station. According to him, “the fighting… gave details concerning the boundaries of Kyiv in the short term. Which we understand to merely be Russian special capabilities and pockets of paratroopers”. Also, It affects Ukrainian people as we see in the video posted. Actually, the heavily clothed parts that were dropping from Belarus and the northern that was focused to encircle Kyiv.  They are currently some distance north due to the exceptional Ukrainian resistance, according to the clergyman. 

These are the updates we are giving u from time to time about the war in between Russia and Ukraine. Here are some important guidelines that where the Belarus Drills are situated. We captured the information about the satellite location about the Russia and Ukraine drills for war in between them. You can brief about same from below site.

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