Kashmir files theater leak video? The Kashmir files twitts!!

Kashmir files theater leak video? Killed lady brother?

Sarla is a character who worked in the The Kashmir files movie. Which is a blockbuster movie in perspective of Kashmir incidents. She was killed by jihad people who were living in Kashmir. He is explaining the whole scenario about the Hindu relegion and Muslim relegion. The Kashmir files theater leak video, we are detailing on the same video and also we will be discussing the thoughts of Sarla real brother theater video.

The scenario in the Kashmir files  was that, when the people from other territory enters in the home of Sarla. At that time, the husband of Sarla was in the box of rice. When that people searched him in the box of rice, they killed her husband. Due to this incident the family of Sarla got panic and start crying on her husband’s death. At same time, the rice which are completely overwhelmed with the blood of her husband. They took that rice and poured on the face of Sarla as seen in the movie. They also forced her to eat that rice and take that blooded rice. These all scene is happening in front of her small child and father in law. They were also taking the pace to avoid these people. But due to the affection on her husband Sarla cought with that people.

Sarla brother theater video viral? Real brother of Sarla!!!

The Kashmir files theater leak video viral due to her emotions with his sister. He is crying in the theater and showing the gratitude and emotions about Hindu people. He also mentioned that every Indian people should be aware about that movie. What the Kashmir people suffered at those days due to some opposite religion people. Due to Sarla brother theater video crying speech all the theater people got catch the man of sad soul and expressing the postive thoughts through response on her speech. Also, he mentioned that unity is only the power which can beat on the incidents like these. Which is happened in the Kashmir.

Here we are attaching the video link you can view and hear the his sound and emotions behind his sister. All the scene was shoot by the person who is just completed with his movie and exiting the theater. He is alerting the Indian people to be follow with the unity and stay centric about the future.

You can visit to this url and view the explanatory speech of Sarla brother. All the idea you will get though this.

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