Kutta 900 BFG Straap Video Death dead body reddit and twitter

Videos are the most common way for individuals to learn about death-related news these days. On a daily basis, thousands of movies are uploaded to the internet, and the vast majority of them are contentious, with some including erotica and others containing controversial material. But recently, there has been a shift toward a new pattern in which we are becoming aware of the passing of well-known figures. kutta 900 dead body and BFG Straap Death reddit and twitter video is viral on social media and all over the internet

Most of the criminal activity has been associated with rappers, and it is still a mystery how rappers became engaged in activities that are both contentious and dangerous. Once again, a video of the deceased rapper’s last performance was uploaded on the internet, and within a few seconds, it gained widespread attention.

kutta 900 dead body reddit and twitter

The video gives the impression that the Texas rapper BFG Straap had passed away. According to the accounts or statements made by the sources, the rapper was involved in the shooting that took place in South Dallas. Not only him, but also another person who was there with the musician at the time of the shooting and also lost his life as a result of the shooting.

It was determined that both victims had passed away. The complaint has been filed with the police, and they are presently looking into the incident. According to CBS, the exchange of gunfire took place in the 2800 block of Casey Street. The tragic news of the rapper’s untimely passing has left his devoted followers inconsolable ever since it was revealed.

Kutta 900 BFG Straap Death Video Reddit

In addition to being enraged by the new information on the suspect. They are looking at the footage and checking a variety of websites in order to obtain all of the information they can on this incident. The motive behind this shooting is another thing that people are curious about.

After receiving gunshot wounds in his body, the artist was reportedly immediately taken to the medical facility as soon as the reports were available. Cory Media Lucien, who was 26 years old at the time of the incident, has been named as the second victim. He was there at the scene together with the rapper, who was 22 years old.

Kutta 900 BFG Straap Crime Scene Footage CCTV

Both of them had passed away, and the Cory’s death was confirmed at the site of the murder. LD has verified both the incident and the tragic news of the rapper’s death. The manager of the artist communicating via various social media platforms. He also shared the photograph on his social media pages with the statement, “My heart is torn and shattered into millions of pieces.”


The photograph was accompanied with the comment. Fans and persons who were there in close proximity to the gunshot site were asked by the Dallas Police Department to report any information they may have about the incident to the authorities at the time. phone number, which may be reached at 214-671-3646.

Who Killed Kutta 900 BFG Straap? Name and Photos of the Suspect

According to the information provided, the footage of the fatal gunshot has been uploaded on the internet under the handle “DailyLoud.” The video allows viewers to witness the police officers as they investigate the area around the crime site. Now that this video is becoming viral, people are talking about how shocked it made them feel and expressing their thoughts.

Rapper’s devoted followers have been left in utter disarray after hearing the tragic news. There is one more video that depicts the deceased son of the musician, and like the other videos, this one also circulates online.

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