Maegan Hall leaked video

Maegan Hall, a 26-year-old female officer in La Vergne, Tennessee, was dismissed this month for allegedly engaging in sexual behaviour with six male employees, sometimes “while on duty and within city owned property,” the police department found itself at the centre of a social media storm.

Despite the fact that four of Hall’s coworkers were fired for misbehaviour and three others were suspended, Hall made news as the lone woman at the heart of the obviously hedonistic group — and a married lady at that.

According to the department’s internal inquiry, she even attempted to lure her husband, 28-year-old Jedidiah Hall, into an intimate relationship with a male officer and his wife, but he “just wasn’t on board.” (He’s also apparently supporting her in all of this.)

Hall’s lewd behaviour on the job and at department social activities, which she and the other officers acknowledged during the inquiry — swapping nude images, having oral sex at the station, pulling her bikini top off at a hot tub party —

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