Malu Trevejo onlyfans leaked, Age, Height, wiki, Networth, Biography

malu trevejo onlyfans

Malu Trevejo onlyfans leaked, Age, Height, wiki, Networth, Biography

Below you will be able to find all the information related to Malu Trevejo onlyfans leaked content. Who is Trevejo, her bio data as much as we could gather is also given below, continue to read.

Who is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo is an American singer from Cuba. She sings in both Spanish and English. Currently residing in the United States. Apart from singing she is also a social media sensation who has millions of followers. There is a YouTube channel associated with Trevejo in which her songs can be viewed. At a very young age she has gathered a huge number of fans online for her work. She is claimed as a very good dancer as well which can be seen on her Tiktok page.

As she was already a celebrity, reaching out to fans Tiktok was not a problem for her. There are hundreds of videos made by her on Tiktok. These videos of various genres portraying actives of herself in them. Most of these videos are shot at home of Malu trying out different costumes. Also produces videos with music content own and others, lip syncing. She is counting 23.2 million followers and more every day on her tiktok account.

Malu Age, Height, wiki, Networth, Biography

Malu Trevejo known originally as Maria Luisa Trevejo was born on the 15th of October 2002 and is 20 years old now. Born in the city if Havana, Cuba she is claimed to have one of her parents from Spain. Before moving to Florida, USA, she lived most of her years in Madrid, Spain. Where she was given the exposure to the field of arts and culture. She is 163cms and weighs 50 kgs. She is currently unmarried and not known to be in any relationships. Although she had a few relationships in the past, is claimed to be single now. Her Networth is around $200k which is mainly income from her social media accounts.

Malu Trevejo onlyfans

Her onlyfans account @malutrevejovip is an exclusive account which is charged at $9 for a month and $54 for 6 months. There is also a free account @malutrevejo18 which has videos posted by her. Both these accounts are owned and verified by her. There are no adult content in her free account as it contains promotions for her paid account.

Malu Trevejo on Twitter and Instagram

The twitter account is by the name @malutrevejo15. Has accumulated a fanbase of 222k followers on this account. This fanbase makes her a social media influencer as her content will be viewed by thousands of people. Before she started her career as singer she wan on social media. She has created this account when she was 14 years old, around the time she moved to Florida.

Her Instagram account is by the name @malutrevejo and has 11.2 million followers and counting. She posts various types of contents like modelling photos, travelling, selfies, cosplay. She is also actively present on other paid social media platforms.

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