Meekoprancer Twitter and master_suggg twitter video!

Meekoprancer Twitter master_suggg twitter

Meekoprancer Twitter video

We are here to give you all the latest information we have gathered about Meekoprancer twitter and master_suggg twitter. The leaked content will be discussed here in brief along with other interesting facts. The twitter account is followed by 242 followers only. It has a picture of a boy holding a black and white print out copy of an image. But it is currently trending because of its recent video post.

Since the moment it was posted it has gone viral due to its disturbing content. This video is shot on a mobile camera placed in front of the kids. There are two kids having a chat between themselves as the video starts. One of them places a pistol to others head as a prank and it goes of accidentally.

master_suggg twitter video controversy?

Such disturbing content tends to take on the internet with ease. It reaches more people in a very short time due to the age of the kids seen in the video. Looking at the children on vacksyou twitter we can come to a conclusion that they would be around 10 to 15 years old.

It is also very shocking to seem them having access to weapons let alone them playing with it. Being exposed to weapons and eventually violence at such young age is very alarming to their future.

There are many restrictions and filters seen on twitter. These are put in place to filter out unwanted content on the internet. But there has to be a common set of rules to cater to the vast amount of content.

Although they are programmed to filter content the one that we are discussing now do not have any violence or blood displayed in it. It is a very short video consisting of only 20 seconds.

It is very difficult to filter these kind of videos with short notice. When the video is reported to the management for its contents it might be removed, so follow the link below to watch the leaked content.

watch leaked video here

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