michael clarke karl stefanovic full video

Michael Clarke, who formerly served as the captain of the Australian cricket team, is currently mired in a fresh scandal as a result of his girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, making a public accusation of adultery against him. When the incident took place on January 10, Clarke, Yarbrough, and Karl Stefanovic were having dinner together when it took place. It has been stated that Yarbrough approached Clarke over the latter’s suspected interaction with Yarbrough’s exe-girlfriend, Pip Edwards.

Clarke, Yarbrough, Karl Stefanovic, and Stefanovic’s spouse were having dinner in Noosa when Yarbrough abruptly lost her anger and smacked Clarke many times across the face, as stated in a story that was published in the Daily Telegraph. Yarbrough confronted the man who had previously served as the captain of the Australian cricket team and yelled at him, accusing him of being unfaithful.

Clarke continued to criticise Yarbrough’s brother Stefanovic even after getting repeated slaps from Yarbrough, stating, “I am warning you right now, Karlos; you must not have the audacity to walk away. She’s welcome to punch me in the face, but you, you spineless chicken!” As a result of Jade’s displeasure with Clarke’s actions, she cautioned him to avoid interacting with Stefanovic.

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