Watch Mike Itkis bucket list bonanza full leaked video on twitter and reddit

The vast majority of politicians will give the impression that they support a certain cause when campaigning, only to reverse their stance on the issue subsequently. Nevertheless, in order to demonstrate his support for a specific cause, an independent candidate from Manhattan who is running for New York’s 12th Congressional District used a fairly unorthodox strategy. Watch Mike Itkis bucket list bonanza full leaked video on twitter and reddit in the last part of the article

Who is Mike itkis bucket list bonanza?

According to reports, Mike Itkis, an independent candidate, has a poll plank called “sex positivity,” in which he aims to legalise sex work and preserve sexual rights. He is also reportedly gunning to protect sexual rights. Mike did not explain his viewpoint in any of the interviews he gave or in the statement he issued, unlike the majority of politicians who would have done any of those things.

Instead, in order to demonstrate his support for the concept of sex positivity,’ he appeared and performed in a pornographic movie that lasted for a total of 13 minutes and included an adult star.

“If I were to just speak about it, it wouldn’t convey the level of devotion that I have to the topic. And the fact that I really did it was a significant learning experience, and it actually informed stuff on my platform,” Itkis said in an interview with City & State after the tape was made public.

Mike Itkis leaked video on twitter and reddit

Itkis said that the film was the first time he had engaged in sexual activity in front of the camera. He described himself as an introvert who wanted to begin a “discussion” on the subject.

“I tend to keep to myself more than others do. I’m a bit of a geek who, if I can help it, tries to avoid situations in which I’m the centre of attention. However, I was under the impression that the problems I’m attempting to solve are of the utmost significance… I want for there to be some method in which my problems could be discussed.

Itkis is said to have collaborated on the film with porn actress Nicole Sage, and they gave it the label “Bucket List Bonanza” before uploading it to a well-known online service for pornographic videos.

Itkis laid out his’sex positive approach’ policy on his election website by stating, “Actively oppose the conservative idea that sex should only happen between a man and a woman who are married to each other.” This is an example of his opposition to the conservative belief that sex should only happen between married couples.

Mike Itkis bucket list bonanza full leaked video on twitter and reddit

Notably, Itkis is aiming to topple veteran Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler by running a campaign that may be described as “offbeat.” The fact that Nadler prevailed in the primary election in June against the New York City heavyweight Carolyn Maloney in Maloney’s own stronghold is illustrative of the kind of opposition that Mike is up against.

He said that he uploaded the film, which he called “Bucket List Bonanza,” to a well-known porn website in order to serve as “a discussion piece.”

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