Why did Mizkif and Trainwreckstv clash on Twitter?

Matthew “Mizkif” and Tyler “Trainwreckstv” got engaged in a heated argument on Twitter. Mizkif and Trainwreckstv clash on Twitter check all information in this article about why this clash happens reason behind this clash

Explaining Mizkif, Trainwreckstv, the ItsSliker drama

The discussion took place in the comments section of a post written by Asmongold, in which he criticised Twitch for not removing ItsSliker and for continuing to provide him with a platform despite the fact that he had admitted to defrauding other people in order to feed his addiction to gambling.

The incident was sparked when Tyler responded to one of Matthew’s tweets. In his tweet, the former made cryptic statements regarding “pals” of Asmongold’s, who, according to him, took advantage of the occasion to attack him while using ItsSliker as an example of how gambling affects a person.

After that, he made a snarky comment about a “insecure little guy,” and many people felt that he was referring to Mizkif since he was the one who hosted ItsSliker on his show and then proceeded to ask Twitch to prohibit gambling broadcasts. He concluded the tweet with the statement.

Trainwreckstv is one of the most popular gambling broadcasters on the site, and if he is banned, it will have an impact on both his channel and the material it produces.

Mizkif fired back at the statements in a tweet that has since been removed by bringing up a previous instance in which Tyler was engaged with a cryptocurrency fraud known as Jolt coins. After that, he went on to infer that the plan was fraudulent and that, according to Asmongold’s reasoning, Trainwreckstv ought to be removed from Twitch as well.

Why did Mizkif and Trainwreckstv clash on Twitter? Explaining the ItsSliker drama and the anti-gambling wave

In later tweets, Trainwreckstv went on to accuse Mizkif of covering up the sexual harassment case against one of Trainwreckstv’s other pals, CrazySlick. As a direct result of this accusation, the drama immediately erupted across several social media platforms.

Since quite some time, the prevalence of gambling on Twitch has been a major concern. A piece that was published by Bloomberg on the topic a few months ago chronicled the case of a few individuals who had destroyed their life after falling into gambling as a result of seeing some of their favourite broadcasters on Twitch engage in the activity.

At the moment, the specialised gambling category on Twitch known as Slots is the ninth most viewed genre on the network as a whole. According to SullyGnome, it is even better than widely known video games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

Mizkif and TrainwrecksTV got into a Twitter fight over ItsSliker controversy

The incorporation of gambling into Twitch is at the core of the dispute, as seen by the many broadcasters who have voiced their opposition to the concept.

After watching ItsSliker’s confession stream, in which he broke down in tears after admitting to swindling money out of friends and his audience, Mizkif took to Twitter on September 19 to call on Twitch to put an end to gambling streams. He did this in response to ItsSliker’s stream, in which he admitted to swindling money out of friends and his audience. Matthew defended his behaviour by using ItsSliker as an example of how addiction to gambling can devastate an individual’s life.

Mizkif twitter

This is the point at which the first battle lines were set, as Tyler also turned to Twitter in order to express his perspective on the topic. It is his opinion that the activities of ItsSliker cannot be compared to the behaviour of gambling broadcasters on Twitch.

He justified gambling on stream by stating that people were scaepgoating slots and roulettes while letting the person who had really done the crime to get away with it.

Despite this, a significant number of well-known streamers, like HasanAbi and Pokimane, seem to have publicly responded to Mizkif’s call to action. Ludwig sent a tweet in support of the #twitchstopgambling movement, and he also commented on Trainwreckstv’s thread in favour of a ban.

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