Myrtle beach skywheel couple full video

It has been alleged that a couple engaged in sexual activity while filming for a well-known pornographic website both on the Myrtle Beach Skywheel attraction and in a community pool. Watch Myrtle beach skywheel couple full video in the last part of the article

Myrtle Beach Skywheel couple video

Eric Harmon, of Surfside Beach, and Lori Harmon, of Lexington, both 36 years old, face various counts as a result of the police investigation, which allegedly included the viewing of tapes showing the couple engaging in sexual activity in a public setting. On January 12, the Myrtle Beach Police Department launched an investigation following allegations of indecent exposure and said that they discovered the tapes.

On one of the videos, the pair can be seen engaging in sexual activity while riding the Skywheel attraction on North Ocean Boulevard in a glass-enclosed gondola in full view of the general public. The event took place on or around the 2nd of January. A second video shows the couple engaging in sexual activity in a community pool in the Surfside Beach section of Horry County.

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During the course of the video, Lori Harmon can be seen exposing herself while perched atop a vending machine, as well as engaging in other inappropriate behaviour, according to the police.

According to the complaint, the video shows Eric Harmon and his wife Lori Harmon engaging in sexual activity and exposing themselves to one another while they are at the communal pool. The officer noted in the report that the activities were videotaped by both the defendant and the co-defendant and posted on the pornographic website “around Christmas break, on or about December 23, 2020.”

Couple accused of having s*x on Myrtle Beach Skywheel ride

The charges brought against Lori Harmon include two counts of participating in the creation of obscene material, three counts of indecent exposure, and one count of intentional harm to personal property. After posting a bail of $18,000, she was allowed to leave the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Three charges of indecent exposure and one count of complicity in the fabrication of obscene material have been brought against Eric Harmon. After posting a bail of $14,000, he was allowed to leave the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

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