Nia Jax Onlyfans leaked, Age, Wiki, Height, net worth, Biography

Nia Jax Onlyfans leaked

Nia Jax Onlyfans leaked, Age, Wiki, Height, net worth, Biography

All the exclusive details Nia Jax onlyfans and her new only fans account coming up. Continue reading to find out more about Nia Jax onlyfans, Age, Height , Income and more interesting information.

Who is Nia?

Savelina Fanene is the birth name of Nia Jax. She was born to Joseph Fanene and Renate Fanene in Sydney, Australia. Later she moved to Honolulu in Hawaii, where she was brought up. She is related to Dwayne Johnson by a thin thread I should for the link is weak and old. Nia is a professional WWE fighter since 2014. Prior to entering the wrestling industry she was a basketball player. She made her WWE debut in the year 2015. She completed her education and is an alma mater of the Palomar College Cal State San Marcos. Jax holds a degree in marketing. Along with basketball she has had training in Judo, Karate and Kickboxing, which helped enter the wrestling industry.

During her early career, she was known to be villainous for her winning streak where she defeated all the previously held favourites and began to build her career in the industry. Due to her unique style of finishing off her opponents she is also called as the ‘The Irresistible Force’. Nia often pairs with male fighters for which is called a tag match. In these type of matches both men and women are paired together to form a team. Nia is a very aggressive women on the ring and out of the ring as well. She has had various incidents of misconducts through her years at the WWE. In her early stages she was casted for the episode of NXT, from which she later moved on to the RAW episode. She has won many awards during her career. Some of the notable awards are, WWE Raw Women’s Championship, WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, Rookie of the year 2016 and many more.

Nia Age, Height, Weight

Jax was born on 29 May 1984 and is 37 years old now. She stands 6’1” tall and weighs around a 120kgs. She has all the attributes of professional wrestler.

Nia Jax Net worth

Nia Jax onlyfans has only one major source of income and that is from her wrestling career. From this it is gathered around $0.5 million. She is no more under contract of the WWE.

Nia Jax Onlyfans

Since her contract at the WWE has come to an end, she has speculated her fans with the idea of creating an onlyfans page. Although she has not given exact date for the launch of her account, it is expected to opened in the near future.

Nia Jax on Twitter and Instagram

Nia Jax onlyfans has an active Twitter account under the id @LinaFanene with almost 700k followers and she carries the same id to her Instagram account as well. She 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

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