Notjustinw Twitter Video of Russia Bombing Teen Girl!

Notjustinw Twitter Video

Notjustinw Twitter Video

Diplomatic rifts among nations are not strewth situations, however, it gets under the skin when citizens are dragged. Many of you may argue that such awful circumstances are anticipated and expected especially when the squabble is with one of the huge nations. Despite that, we never grasp the situation when humanity suffers. Notjustinw Twitter Video is linked in the article please check

Humanitarian laws turn into ashes as soon as one veto nation swears to the destruction of humanity. Currently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the quintessential example of the above premises. Russia’s invasion and the inhumane acts have definitely raised many eyebrows. Recently, many videos are trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. These videos showcase the brutality of the Russian armed forces.

They explode their missiles like blindfolded people without taking any sight of civilians on the streets, roads, footpaths, or anywhere. These devastating pictures and videos have left other nations in shock for eternity as this is the biggest invasion after the second world war. These devastating videos are of the Ukrainians who got caught up in the brutal warship. An unbearable video that is getting viral on the internet and mainly on Twitter is namely, Notjustinw. This Video has literally given goosebumps to everyone.

Watch Niña 14 años ucrania Missile Video

This video exhibits a 14-year-old girl who was riding her bike at around 7:00 am on February 24th, Thursday. This video was recorded during wartime when she was riding on her bicycle. The cold-blooded army launched a rocket on the roads at the same time and at the same spot where the innocent girl was. The rocket directly landed on the road and ferociously killed the girl on spot. The annihilating explosion coerced the poor girl to kick the bucket.

However, the President of Ukraine here too threw a savage reply on their face as to they don’t need evacuation they need arms and ammunition. As of now, this savage reply was also asking for a helping hand as the Notjustinw Twitter Video itself portrays the fact, Ukraine is handicapped to save its own citizens. The ruthless assassination of a 14-year-old who gets hit by a missile was deserved to be grieved and resent by the citizens.

What is Notjustinw Twitter Video controversy

No one is able to deny the fact that this deadly explosion was extremely disturbing. The 14-year-old girl is grieved by all the sympathizers after the hype of her video namely, Girl riding bike get hits by the missile, trended on Twitter. After she got caught up in the explosion and suddenly a lady reached out to her and tried to wake her up but till then she was already unconscious and could not get up. However, until anyone could reach her she was already dead. This brutal incident of assassination built up the ruckus and chaos all over Ukraine and other sympathizing nations.

Citizens strongly condemned the inhumane act by Russian troops for causing harm to innocents. The recording captured namely, Notjustinw Twitter showcased that the 14-year-old girl was innocently playing and riding knowing nothing about the malicious intent of Russian troops. This shameful and cold-blooded move was downtrodden by various international organizations like United Nations and NATO. The entire world is devoting its genuine prayers to Ukrainian civilians and other international citizens who are stuck in Ukraine.

The most updated statement from Putin to avoid resistance and turn on their leaders was extremely cruel and ruthless at the same time. It is worth noting that India recently abstained to vote on the resolution passes in UNSC against Russia. Tell us your opinions on this in the comments section.

We would like to share the story of the paragon of leadership, the President of Ukraine who instead of fleeing from the country with his family, has joined the Ukrainian forces shoulder to shoulder. The most fascinating fact is that he was a comedian before becoming a President and still he is prepared to sacrifice everything in order to protect the citizens.

Recently, Putin marked a statement and said that Being the USA,s enemy is destructive but being an ally of it, is fatal. The words uttered by him were proved by the USA itself. The USA proposed the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens but is not lending his army which not to mention is the biggest one, It’s huge!!!.

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