Watch Oliver tree belle delphine leaked video

Fans are bewildered as a result of the Miss You singer posting a video that shows Oliver Tree and Belle Delphine kissing. The Oliver tree belle delphine leaked video has been posted all over social media.

oliver tree belle delphine kiss video

Late yesterday night, November 8, 2022, the Californian singer and comedian uploaded the video on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram with the caption: “What it looks like to discover love on the internet.”

The fans are perplexed as to what the purpose of the video is, so let’s investigate it more below.

The first image that appears in the video is of Oliver Tree seated at a dressing table with his back turned to the camera. Accompanying the visuals is the singer’s track “Miss You,” for which the music video was made available for public viewing on October 28.

oliver tree and belle delphine making out video

He rapidly turns his body so that he is facing the camera and makes an expression that resembles astonishment with his mouth wide open. The 29-year-old is seen carrying a pink game console while also sporting pink headphones that resemble the ears of a cat. The viewer is then shown what Oliver is responding to as the camera shifts to a different angle.

At that point, we witness Belle Delphine enter the room via a door wearing a pink blouse, a pink wig, and pink cat ears that are identical to the ones she is wearing.

Oliver Tree and Belle Delphine kiss has followers’ tongues wagging

The camera moves in for a tight shot of her face as she licks her teeth in a provocative way, and then it moves in for a tight shot of Oliver doing the same thing.

The two then make their way near one another and the video concludes with a clip of them making a pretty poor attempt at a kiss.

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