Olivia newton john twitter, How did olivia newton john die?

Olivia Newton-John, a singer and actress who won Grammy Awards and was best remembered for her part in “Grease,” passed away on Monday after a battle with breast cancer that lasted more than 30 years. It was the year 73. Olivia newton john twitter news is viral on internet

Olivia newton john dead?

According to a message that was uploaded to her Facebook page on Monday, it was reported that she “went away peacefully at her Ranch in Southern California this morning, surrounded by family and friends.”

According to the statement, “Olivia has been a symbol of achievements and hope for more than 30 years sharing her struggle with breast cancer. Her therapeutic inspiration and pioneering experience with plant medicine continues through the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, which is committed to studying plant medicine and providing grants to organisations who do so.

Her family has requested that any memorial contributions be sent to the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund in her honour.

How did Olivia newton john die?

In October of 2021, the actress disclosed that she was undergoing treatment for Stage 4 breast cancer. olivia newton john death rumours She also said that she was using medicinal marijuana to manage the discomfort associated with her condition.

In September of 2018, she received the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. The diagnosis was made for the first time in 1992, and it was made again in May of 2017.

olivia newton john alive? Brinley “Bryn” Newton-John, a member of MI5, and Irene Helene Born, a nurse, were Newton-parents John’s when she was born on September 26, 1948 in England. Hugh and Rona were Olivia’s elder siblings, and Hugh was the oldest of the two.

When Olivia was six years old, her family uprooted and relocated to Melbourne in Australia.

Newton-John joined a female group when she was barely 14 years old and began playing in local venues as well as sometimes on Australian television, where she won a trip to Britain via a talent contest.

olivia newton john twitter

Her very first song, titled “Til You Say You’ll Be Mine,” was issued by Decca Records in the year 1966. Pat and Olivia was the name of the duet performance that she performed with Pat Carroll in various nightclubs around Europe until Carroll’s visa ran out and she was had to return to Australia.

The title tune of Newton-debut John’s solo album, “If Not for You,” was originally written by Bob Dylan and recorded by George Harrison. Newton-John remained in Britain during the production and release of her album, which took place in 1971. The song peaked at number one on the Adult Contemporary chart in the United States and at number 25 on the pop charts. Her career in the United States suffered a minor setback after that, and she did not have another top 10 hit until she released the song “Let Me Be There” in 1973. This song also earned her the first Grammy Award she had ever won,

Olivia newton john cause of death

Her musical career thrived throughout the 1970s, but she didn’t return to the top of the charts until 1978, the year that “Grease” gave her a household name thanks to her starring role.

Sandy was originally an American named Sandy Dumbrowski, but in the film version of the Broadway success, she was recast as an Australian named Sandy Olsson. This was done in part to fit Olivia’s accent. It was the most successful movie of 1978, with Newton-“the John’s You’re One That I Want” duet with co-star John Travolta topping the music charts and “Summer Nights” reaching the No. 5 spot. Her major solo ballad, “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” made it all the way to position No. 3 on the charts.

Newton-John also experienced an image redesign in her music career after “Grease,” similar to the transformation that Sandy Olsson made from a prim and proper good girl to a sensual, edgy bad girl in the musical.

In her stead stood a “Totally Hot” blonde bombshell, who had taken the position of the clean-cut adult contemporary princess. Her first album after “Grease” was called “Totally Hot,” and it was more mainstream pop and uptempo than the ballad-heavy songs that she had released before to it.

Olivia newton john daughter

In 1980, she gave “Xanadu,” an attempt at a second movie musical hit; however, the picture was panned by critics and failed to connect with moviegoers. Her attempt was unsuccessful. However, the album was a success, earning olivia newton john daughter double platinum and “Magic” going to No. 1 on the pop and adult contemporary charts, becoming Olivia’s greatest hit up to that point in her career. The soundtrack went double platinum.

That is, until 1981, when she started to engage in “Physical” activity.

The sexually suggestive title tune dominated the Billboard pop charts for ten consecutive weeks, ultimately becoming the most popular song of the 1980s and the decade overall. The song’s provocative lyrics resulted in the banning of the song by two radio stations in Utah. The song gradually gained the reputation of being the sexiest song ever, and the music video featuring aerobics became a famous example of the genre.

Olivia newton john in grease

She subsequently said in an interview with Fox News on the “Physical” phenomena, “I never really thought of it as attractive. First of all, I thought it was a clever title. I mean, when it came out, I was having a panic attack because I thought, “Oh, I’ve gone too far!” The only thing left to do is record a video about working out. And that made it even larger! However, I am really grateful to have that music a part of my life.

By 1985, she was no longer actively involved in the music industry, but her personal life was going from strength to strength. Olivia wed her longtime partner, Matt Lattanzi, in 1984. Matt was ten years younger than Olivia and olivia newton john in grease they had met on the set of “Xanadu,” where Olivia was working. She took a sabbatical from singing while she was pregnant, and in January 1986, she became a mother to a girl named Chloe Rose. After some time, she and Lattanzi would split peacefully in the year 1995.

Olivia newton john breast cancer

During the same week that Newton-father John’s died away in July 1992, she was given the news that she had a cancerous tumor in her right breast. At the time, she was on the verge of making a return with her album “Back to Basics: The Essential Collection 1971-1992.” During the time that she was undergoing chemotherapy and a modified radical mastectomy, she decided to halt all advertising for the project.

In a subsequent interview with People, Olivia said, “I’ve never regretted it,” in reference to her breast augmentation operation, which involved the addition of a saline breast implant to replace the lost tissue. Because the implant isn’t quite right, I can’t wear anything that olivia newton john breast cancer comes too low on the chest. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it serves as a constant reminder. But I am here, and for that I am grateful.

Since receiving her diagnosis, Olivia has been an ardent champion for increasing breast cancer awareness.

Olivia newton john twitter

In 2005, Olivia claimed that her partner of nine years, Patrick McDermott, was missing after it was believed that he had fallen overboard while fishing. After the early investigations, it was believed that he had been lost at sea; but, later on, it was speculated that he was living in Mexico.

olivia newton john young? Two years later, Olivia was forced to deal with her daughter Chloe’s struggle with anorexia and then with the aftermath of Chloe’s failed cosmetic surgery procedures, which cost a total of $550,000.

Olivia newton john twitter


She married John Easterling in 2008, and she gives him credit for her longevity in light of the cancer struggles she has endured beginning in 2013. olivia newton john twitter account is viral

Olivia did not reveal the fact that she had been diagnosed with cancer in her shoulder in 2013 until she made the announcement about being diagnosed with cancer in 2018.

Olivia did not stop recording, travelling, or acting despite all that was going on; the only time she took a break was in May 2017, when the cancer resurfaced in her sacrum.

Olivia newton john twitter

Despite this, the singer resumed her career in November of 2017, which was rather quickly.

Olivia newton john husband

Dame Olivia Newton-John dies aged 73, husband confirms. She told Closer Weekly at the time, “I am glad to tell that I am working again and am relieved to report that I am no longer experiencing any discomfort.” Newton-John has said that it is “like a gift” whenever she is able to perform the songs that she loves. “Being out on the road with my band and doing shows has been really therapeutic for me.” Obviously, it was a terrifying experience. But as I thought about it, the phrase “This too will pass!” sprung into my head. I just had to convince myself that everything was going to turn out okay.

She attributed her recovery to the fact that she had “spoken to my body.” “I stated that I was in good health and in good physical condition. Depression lowers your immune system. I made an effort to divert my attention away from my problems by concentrating on the activities and interests for which I have a strong enthusiasm.

She also attributed cannabis, which her husband Easterling lawfully olivia newton john husband cultivates on their farm in California, for assisting her in coping with her agony and the therapies she was through.

In September of 2018, Newton-John revealed that in order to maintain a good attitude throughout the day, rather than concentrating on her sickness, she focuses on the things in her life that bring her joy.

She said, “I’m quite cognizant of the fact that I come from a highly affluent background.” “I have the most great job, I have the most lovely spouse, and I have all the animals that I adore. I don’t really have much to gripe about at this point.”

Newton-John is survived by her husband John Easterling, her daughter Chloe Lattanzi, her sister Sarah Newton-John, her brother Toby Newton-John, and numerous nieces and nephews, including Tottie, Fiona, and Brett Goldsmith; Emerson, Charlie, Zac, Jeremy, Randall, and Pierz Newton-John; Jude Newton-Stock, Layla Lee; Kira and Tasha Edelstein; and Brin and Valerie Hall. She is also survived

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