“George Stanley” models the trophy after he figured out a concept brought by “Cedric Gibbons”. That would come to be known as the 1st Academy Awards, “AMPAS” that was actually awarded it in the year 1929 at a private ceremony given by “Douglas Fairbanks” in the hotel named “Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel”. OSCAR NOMINATIONS 2022 SNUBS is following

The Academy of “Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” was established in 1927 by the chairman of MGM studios “Louis B Mayer”, as a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the cinema business. The initial Academy Award ceremony was held after two years, on May 16, 1929, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

And again the awards season was postponed due to the COVID issues; “Critics Choice Awards” and many different have postponed their festivities due to COVID. Things got back on track Tuesday morning with the announcement of the 2022 Oscar nominations.  


The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, and emotions varied from finger-snapping approval to all the lonely folks working out their disappointment by strolling outdoors and twisting a hula hoop with the scorching wrath of a thousand suns. Of course, there were happy and unpleasant surprises. There were also omissions, which we’ll refer to as “snubs” for the purpose of alliteration and search engine optimization, even though, in all but the rarest of situations, motion picture academy voters weren’t consciously signaling their dissatisfaction. Or, who knows, they may have been. After all, this is Hollywood, where resentments run deeper than the fault lines that run through our lovely land of sunshine and enchantment.

But that’s actually a different story for another day. Meanwhile, here are the 94th Academy Awards “snubs” and surprises, which will be handed out on March 27, a date so far away that it feels like a surprise and a snub in and of itself.

While the Oscars typically celebrate tragic work, comic performers “Leslie Jordan” and “Tracee Ellis Ross” added levity to the proceedings by announcing the nominations. They were joined by moviegoers from all across the world in helping to unveil this year’s nominations. There were, of course, plenty of unexpected moments following a raucous and chaotic awards season. EW examines some of the greatest “snubs” and shocks on this year’s Oscar nominees list.



For her role as “Patrizia Reggiani” in House of Gucci, the celebrity was overlooked for a best actress nomination. She was nominated for the award for A Star Is Born three years ago.

 For her second Best Actress nomination, the pop sensation campaigned as if it were for her profession, educating us all about Stanislavsky and Meisner method through a series of candidate interviews, including one with EW’s The Awardist, about bringing Patrizia Reggiani to life. It earned her nods from critics’ groups, the BAFTAs, and the SAG Awards, but it wasn’t enough to persuade the Academy to acknowledge her very meme-able performance.




Bradley Cooper praises filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson with reigniting his interest in acting, and his off-the-wall portrayal as producer Jon Peters exemplifies why, who coincidentally produced the Barbra Streisand version of A Star Is Born, which Cooper remade in 2018. 

Cooper presented a tour-de-force performance in Movie that is nominated for Nightmare Alley, but it’s his concise but entertainingly enjoyable acting in Licorice Pizza that’s been benefiting him awards love, such as critics’ organization nods and a SAG award nomination. But it’s not enough to win him an Academy Award nomination.



Jared Leto’s portrayal of the dim-witted Paolo Gucci has sparked debate, with critics praising his uncanny change under layers of make-up and comparing his accent to Mario from video games. However, many people enjoyed it and watched another laudable performance from the unpredictable Leto in full swing. 

He was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award and a SAG Award, making it seem like a foregone conclusion that he’d get another Oscar nomination, but Oscar voters didn’t think the performance was sweet or seductive enough.



Since her breakout appearances in 2017’s Beast and 2018’s Wild Rose, Irish actress Jessie Buckley’s profile has been slowly rising. In Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut, The Lost Daughter, she showed her mettle as a younger version of Olivia Colman in flashbacks. 

Buckley has been a quiet candidate this season, with only a few reviewers’ organizations nominating her, so her participation in the Oscar race is a welcome surprise.


Everyone likes Van Morrison, but it appeared that his Belfast song “Down to Joy” could be overshadowed in the fierce fight for best original song. “Carole King” and “Brian Wilson”, two other renowned composers who got their start in the 1960s, did not have the same luck. 

“Here I Am Singing My Way Home” from Respect was a hit for King. With “Right Where I Belong” from Brian Wilson, Long Promised Road, Wilson fell short.


Alexandre is almost as confident in the best original score category as Warren is in the best original song category. Since 2006, he has been nominated 11 times. Desplat took home the award for The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shape of Water, both of which he directed (2017). 

The French Dispatch… was written, directed, and co-produced by Wes Anderson, the filmmaker of The Grand Budapest Hotel, but “Alexandre Desplat” fell short this time.


Outlander star “Caitriona Balfe’s” warm, steely portrayal as Ma was one of the early frontrunners for an Oscar nomination when Belfast premiered to tremendous reviews at a slew of autumn festivals.

 Balfe has received several nominations from critics’ organizations, including, But her Belfast co-star Judi Dench, who played Granny, received a surprise nomination in Balfe’s place. Dench, a longstanding Academy favorite, received her ninth nomination, while Balfe, a newbie to the competition, appears to have simply run out of steam following early hype.


Stewart’s Oscar nomination is almost shocking, given that she began the season as a front-runner and is completely deserving of any and all recognition for her moving portrayal of the beleaguered princess. 

Awards voters had been treating Stewart with the same cold aloofness with which the royal family treated Diana, leaving her out in the cold for Screen Actors Guild Award and BAFTA nominations, so her Oscar nomination is almost shocking, provided you forget that she began the season as a front-runner and is completely deserve.


The year’s biggest film receive only one Oscar nomination , for best visual effects, but many would argue that was the bare minimum the film deserved, especially after it drove everyone to the theatres en route to a top 10 all box office and was hailed as the savior of theatergoing in 2021. 

It might have been more reasonable if “No Way Home” had been a bad movie, but it received a “Tomatometer Certified Fresh 93 percent and 98 persent Audience votes. 


A Hero, Asghar Farhadi’s latest film, appeared to be a shoe-in for a nomination this year. Farhadi is one of only two directors to win twice, for A Separation in 2011 and The Salesperson in 2016.

 A Hero, which follows Rahim (Amir Jadidi) on a two-day furlough from jail in the hopes of persuading a creditor to forgive the debt that placed him there, appeared to be on track to win Farhadi a hat trick when it won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. A Hero, on the other hand, was completely overlooked for the award.


For his relaxed, low-key depiction of a lesson-dispensing Long Island bartender, Affleck has received a SAG Award nomination. Despite receiving critical acclaim for one of his greatest performances (and being featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly), the Bostonian didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for his role as a bar owner in George Clooney’s debut film. Uncle Charlie, the proprietor of the name sake pub and a surrogate father to the film’s protagonist J.R. Maguire, is played by Ben Affleck. 

Affleck received Golden Globe and SAG Award nods for the role, but it didn’t propel him into Oscar contention. At the very least, he was nominated for a Razzie Award for The Last Duel (which many critics praised as a superb performance). When he isn’t on the screen, you miss him. Or maybe that’s just me. I never seem to be able to find a bartender when I need one.



Most sceptics had accepted that “Aaron Sorkin’s” Hollywood biography would be nominated, expecting that industry voters would gush over a story about warring performers, writers, and producers overcoming their differences to create art helped, of course, by a heroic, last-minute save by, um, J. Edgar Hoover. One issue: the real-life incidents shown in the film appeared less credible than the wild antics seen on “I Love Lucy” on a weekly basis. 

Another concern was that every character sounded just like “Sorkin”. The academy evidently grew bored of “Sorkin’s” voice a year after selecting “The Trial of the Chicago 7.”



These are not toys, these are the most important awards named Oscars, and motion picture academy voters had space for only one musical this year, reserving most of their acclaim for “West Side Story.” The news wasn’t all bad: “Tick, Tick… Boom!” received nods for both film editing and performer Andrew Garfield. And director Lin-Manuel Miranda received an Oscar nomination for one of his “Encanto” songs, putting him one step closer to winning his EGOT. 

These are not toys, these are the most important awards named Oscars, and motion picture academy voters had space for only one musical this year, reserving most of their acclaim for “West Side Story.” The news wasn’t all bad: “Tick, Tick… Boom!” received nods for both film editing and performer Andrew Garfield. And director Lin-Manuel Miranda received an Oscar nomination for one of his “Encanto” songs, putting him one step closer to winning his EGOT.


During awards season, Rebecca Hall’s penetrating drama about friendship and identity appeared to get lost in the shuffle, but I still think enough people saw it to reward Negga. 

Her agonizing portrayal as a light-skinned Black woman who has accepted “passing” as white was one of the greatest of the year, full of mystery, empathy, and a quiet daring.


Despite the fact that viewers were divided on Don’t Look Up, one thing appeared certain: pop singer Ariana Grande would receive her maiden Oscar nomination for the film’s spoof tune, “Just Look Up.” 

According to director Adam McKay, Grande plays music diva Riley Bina in the film, and she even improvised some of the song’s best lines. Although nomination for the picture in several classifications, it includes Best Picture, the Academy stated thank you next to her original song.


Plemons was the sweetheart in Jane Campion’s western, and sweethearts always come in last. The actor branch, however, nominated all four of the Plemons, who gave a poignant representation of kindness and compassion. 

Can’t lose with clear eyes and full hearts! Jesse Plemons received an unexpected nomination for Best Supporting Actor, beating out SAG Award winners Ben Affleck (The Tender Bar) and Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born) (Licorice Pizza). Plemons has received a number of critics’ circle nods, and he is a big fan of BAFTA’s The Power of the Dog. But it’s a joy to see him nominated for his understated, peaceful behaviour as George Burbank, a landowner who marries Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst), upsetting his family’s patriarchal brotherhood. Plemons and his off-screen companion Dunst are both nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture.


The actresses of “West Side Story”, Rachel Zegler, Rita Moreno, and supporting actress contender Ariana DeBose, drew the most notice, but Faist’s primal portrayal of the doomed Riff gained him a legion of followers. 

He didn’t get a nomination, but the film has the potential to make him a celebrity.


It was tough to resist Simmons’ charming grump interpretation of “I Love Lucy” actor William Frawley, even if it was at times impossible to believe.

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