What Russia and Belarus joint drills is? Satellite Location?

Where do Russia and Belarus joint drills?

There are ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue over suspicions that the Kremlin is planning an assault on the Ukrainian border. Russia and Belarus began a 10-day army operation for joint drills on Thursday. It will last for ten days. The military exercises, dubbed “Allied Resolve-2022,” began in Belarus on Thursday and will conclude on February 20, according to a statement released by the Russian Defence ministry.

Specifically, the goal of the strenuous activity is to practice the responsibilities of suppressing and repelling external attacks. In contrast, executing a military action, combatting terrorists, and preserving the security of the Union State.

With “an expected 30,000 soldiers deployed, Spetsnaz special operators, jet fighters. It includes the Sukhoi Su-35, Iskander double missiles, and S-400 air defense systems.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said last Thursday. Also added that Moscow’s rollout into Belarus is the largest it had to create around when the Cold War took place.


Location of Russia and Belarus joint drills:

The United States has also voiced alarm over the expansion of Russian soldiers in Belarus. It is a crucial supporter of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin.

Despite Russia’s enormous force mobilization in the region. The country has consistently denied contemplating an invasion against Ukraine. According to two senior US officials who are aware of the latest information projections from the Obama administration. Russian military forces and weaponry are believed to have been collected on Ukraine’s borders to prepare for a full attack.

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is not planning to attend the operation. Still, Russian Colonel Valery Gerasimov, who serves as the country’s chief of general staff, has landed in Belarus ahead of the drills. According to the Russian government news agency TASS, it is published on Wednesday.

Diplomacy Talks about Military joint drills:

“Efforts will be markup during the practice to enhance the safeguards of the state line in action to restrain the insertion of military forces. These groups are militants. It is to block pathways for the shipment of guns and ammunition. And to lookup for, block, and dismantle illegal militarised defensive positions. Also, destabilization and reconnaissance groups belonging to a mock enemy,” according to a statement from Russia’s Defence ministry.

As per the reports, there are many training grounds throughout Belarus, including “Domanovsky, Gozhsky, Obuz-Lesnovsky, Brest, Osipovichsky campsites,” according to the report. “Airfields at Baranovichi, Luninets, Lida, and Machulishchi are also active,” the statement stated.


Satellite Images of  Russia- Belarus Joint drills:

Using satellite imagery captured on Saturday by the US innovative computing corporation Maxar. It is a report that camps constructing near the Belarusian boundary with Ukraine, hundreds of miles away from where practices are currently.

During Russian naval drills set to take place between February 14 and 19, Ukraine’s External Affairs Ministry expressed concern over what it described as a blockade of areas of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azo. The drills are slat to take event between February 14 and 19.

Russia has categorically disputed the accusation that its warships interfere with commercial shipping lanes. On being asking for a reaction, Peskov responded on Thursday, saying, “All military drills and operations of Russia warships in the body of water of the Black Sea are conducting out in complete line with global maritime rules.”

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