saurabh chaudhary wins ISSF world cup 2022!!

saurabh chaudhary issf world cup 2022

Saurabh Chaudhary Wins ISSF World Cup 2022

How long it has been since Indians uttered the words, Don’t know if we can surpass the developed nations in sports itself? Well, that’s a dinky-die fact. Especially the people who haven’t had the privilege to be born in the 90s, yeah Indians were bidding their time to witness this astonishing period where desi’s are feared the most on fields. The monopoly of Sachin and Dhoni gave hope to Indians to stand out in the hundred nations and embark on India’s feat. However, this monopoly was shattered to smithereens when hot-blooded youngsters decided to kick their puberty anger issues on sports turf. No! It’s not about wrestling only but every arena where desi’s protrude and let the world know of their abilities. Read more about Saurabh Chaudhary ISSF World Cup 2022 in this article

It wasn’t a long time ago when Yash Dhull at the age of 19 smashed Aussies in the U-19 cricket World Cup. Ishan Kishan, Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana, P.V Sindhu, Rishabh Pant, Ravi Bishnoi, Shubhman Gill, Harnoor Singh, and so many more are the recent paragons of India’s magnificent growth in sports. Most of these sportspersons are smashing the previous records created by the sports kings in Asia and in the world as well. Eye-opening abilities and talents are worth mentioning and remembering.

So, without mincing any more words we would love to spot the new rising talent, Saurabh Chaudhary. Saurabh Chaudhary has been in the headlines since he bagged gold in the ISSF World Cup in Cairo. He claimed the score of 16 in the aforesaid contest against Germany’s Michael Schwald who scored 6. As per the details, the ISSF World Cup in Cairo conducted the men’s 10m air pistol contest which our Indian shooting ace cracked as splendidly. Moreover, Artem Chernousov from Russia bagged the bronze medal. The fact that Ukraine and Russia are in a rift with each other and Russia is being condemned, affected the World Cup too. Russia’s flag was removed due to its invasion of Ukraine which is against Human Rights. To know more about the invasion you may refer to prior articles.

ISSF world cup 2022

saurabh chaudhary issf

It is worth mentioning that Saurabh is a teenager of 19 years old and he managed to grab a gold medal in Youth Olympics. In addition, he grabbed the 3rd position with 584 scores in the elimination stage of this event. Still, he became the finalist as one of the top 8 shooting aces. Though he had a rough start as being the 4th position holder post 15 levels still he joined the league of leaders by bursting his talents on the field. After the 9th stage, he toiled and led the game. A fascinating fact is worth mentioning that China didn’t manage to achieve the medals as there were Tokyo medallists who were present too as the participants. During the competition, Saurabh took the grip of 1st position in the final level striking a score of 38. Thus, he made it to the final round among the 4 shooters. He again snatched away 1st place scoring a 42.5 score. The most enthralling gospel is that no Indian shooter has ever been managed to clear the semifinals at this huge event. Saurabh who’s actually named Saurabh Chaudhary ISSF achieved his 9th Worl Cup gold medal and this was his 3rd solo match. In Cairo World Cup more than 500 shooters across 60 nations are taking part where this event brandish the offer of 20 medals in total.

In addition to these facts, In the women’s 10m Air Pistol championship, Esha Singh along with Nivetha and Ruchita Vinerkar are going to represent India. Esha already bagged silver in the finals and gave India a good start.

Saurabh Chaudhary ISSF world cup 2022

With immense hard work and dedication, Saurav Chaudhary made it to ISSF World Cup 2022 and stole the hearts of every Indian. At his age, it’s a huge thing to achieve as he is still studying in class eleventh. He was born in a middle-class family with a farming background. He took birth on 11th May 2002 in Meerut Uttar Pradesh. He was nurtured with his talents under his coaches namely, Amit Sheoran and Jaspal Rana.

Saurabh hails from a humble background based in Kalina village. His father namely, Jagmohan Singh relies on farming to earn livelihood whereas his mother, Brakes Devi is a housewife. He is the youngest brother of his Brother Nitin and sister Sakshi.

While interviewing him he made a statement saying that he likes to do farming. He returns to the village and tries to help out his father and he doesn’t even feel any kind of pressure while doing that. Saurabh mentioned that his family has been the biggest support to him. He decided to aim for the way which was not certain still everyone supported him. We guess it is the reason he has huge respect to be a farmer.

Saurabh Chaudhary’s career beginning

saurabh chaudhary issf

Saurabh initiated his fires steps towards his passion when he was about 3 years old. He enrolled himself at the training center of Amit Sheoran at Benoli around 12. He achieved a gold medal at Asian Airgun Championship in 2017 in the youth genre. Soon he got the limelight after winning a victory over Jitu Rai in the finals of the KSS Championship.

Saurabh made his path for passion when he made a world record in the 10m pistol junior genre via scoring the score of 243.7. He cracked the record of Chinese shooter, Wang Zhao. In 2018, Chaudhary led himself to win the gold medal in Youth Olympics after scoring 244 against Korean Sung Yunho and Jason from Switzerland. His coach Jaspal Rana mentioned that Chaudhary donated his pistol after IOC Staff of Argentina requested him to do so.

You’ll be surprised to be exposed to the gospel that Saurabh Chaudhary ISSF has become the youngest gold medalist from India at Asian Championships. He is inspired by Abhinav Bindra as his Olympic ideal. Uttar Pradesh government has proposed him a job opportunity along with a cash prize of rupees 50Lakh after his amazing feat in the Asia gold Championship. We are sure that after tackling this gold orientation he will make every Indian proud.

He mentioned that he is fond of Paris in visiting category. Music and movie timings are his pleasurable moments. He likes to fanboy over Salman and Deepika. It is great to know that he is the only person who won a gold medal at ISSF World Cup, Asian Games, and Air Gun Championships until now. You must be completely unaware of his breaking his own world record after scoring 245 and winning the gold medal in Junior’s category in Korea.

His coach Sheoran told in the interview that he got his Guru-Dakshina from Saurabh. He knew that the talent was already embedded in him we just had to polish it. He remained calm during the whole process of his training and finally, he bagged what he wanted. He exclaimed with tears of joy that Saurabh made the entire nation proud with his victory. She said that his father was quite concerned for him but Saurabh made his point after exhibiting his talents before the entire world.

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