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An unprovoked attack led to the death of a guy in his 30s who was stabbed in front of his wife in the Bronx. The police are calling the crime a senseless act of violence. Nathaniel Rivers, 35, had just completed parking his vehicle at the intersection of East 205 Street and Decatur Avenue in Norwood at around 1:15 p.m., when Franklin Mesa, 19, approached him and began shouting at him, according to the police and other residents of the neighbourhood. thatoneguy_215 twitter video is viral on social media and all over the internet watch video on

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Following that, Mesa is suspected of using a knife to fatally stab Rivers in the chest, which ultimately resulted in Rivers’ death. Rivers was a well-liked father of one child. According to the police, Mesa approached Rivers while he and his wife were in the car.

After a short exchange of words, Mesa stabbed Rivers through the window as he was exiting the vehicle. Rivers was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Rivers’ wife stepped out of the car, grabbed a pry bar, and began attacking the suspect in an effort to rescue her husband. Rivers was still inside the vehicle. According to The New York Post, the man’s official cause of death was announced to be death at St. Barnabas Hospital. The authorities determine that Mesa suffers from the mental illness known as schizophrenia.

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“He’s the finest guy in the world,” said a neighbour who gave her name as Sunshine and said she was 50 years old. If he were to make you an offer, it would be to give you the clothes off his back. He would help you with whatever it was that you needed assistance with.

According to the New York Post, he matched up with that description. According to the officials, Mesa was able to get away after stabbing Rivers, who was left in a critical condition as a result of the attack.

Mesa, who lives just across the street from the police station, was reportedly apprehended and charged with murder, manslaughter, and illegal possession of a firearm, according to the police. According to the police, Mesa was claimed to have hit someone twice in the face in April of 2021, but the rest of his contacts appear to have led to him seeking mental health counselling.

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