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twitter juansguarnizo

Twitter juansguarnizo

Looks like a Twitter account. Yes, but it’s no ordinary Twitter handle. Continue reading further for all the information we have gathered on Twitter Juansguarnizo. This handle is famous single-handedly. Because this has taken a lot of support from another platform called Twitch. This is a live game streaming platform. Since Twitter can be used to discuss with more number of fans he is found to be active on Twitter as well. It is very common to find celebrities being famous on Twitter because of another account. Very few people are famous only because of their presence on Twitter. Because Twitter is all about your ideas and not your performance.

Who is Juan Sebastián Guarnizo Algarra?

Juan Sebastián Guarnizo Algarra is the original name of this handle’s user. Since October of 2016, Juan has been currently married with YouTuber Ari Gameplays. They started dating in 2015, and four years later, they married. They have a dog named Lara as a pet. Abril Abdmari Garza Alonso is her full name. She is a 3.43 million subscriber YouTuber from Mexico. Ari is recognised for partnering with other YouTubers and playing numerous online video games. She has more Fan base than her husband, Juan. Juan has 4 million Instagram followers, while his lady, Ari, has 8.9 million. @juansguarnizo is the Instagram handle of the social media sensation. He uses this twitch name to be identified on Twitter.

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Twitch gaming has a separate fan base in the gaming industry. Let us have a look at what twitch gaming is. This live streaming has millions of fans because it is based mostly on multiplayer levels. When many players are involved various tactics are used to succeed. Hence it has a huge fanbase as it can learn all the tricks and walkthroughs done by successful players. Since it is new to this generation there are thousands of teenagers involved in this platform gaming. The next generation of gaming is going to be much more different than the ones we have seen so far. It could be the breakthrough for the metaverse technology as it provides a virtual reality experience.

What is Twitter juansguarnizo?

As mentioned earlier it is Juan’s official Twitter handle. He uses this to discuss with his peers and fans. Since he is famous on a live streaming gaming platform, all the topics here are about gaming. He posts promotional content to his gaming account on Twitch. From the looks of a few discussions, it can be found that they are most involved in esports. They do not endorse other gaming platforms such as the Play station, Xbox or Nintendo. Although these gaming platforms are way more popular than twitch, the new generation is flocking to Twitch.

One major reason could be its live streaming facility. It is a totally new feature when compared to the above-mentioned platform as they have multiplayer as the latest option. Also, Interchanging games between platforms is not possible. Because the platforms are completely different from each other. Both the platforms support very few games together.

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