Vacksyou twitter Video: Dont play with guns twitter video!!

Vacksyou twitter Video

Vacksyou twitter Video controversy?

Due to a horrifying video posted by the user, the hashtag “vacksyou” has gained a lot of traction recently. The topic of vacksyou twitter will be discussed in this article, and we’ll provide you with some useful information about the service. Watch  Dont play with guns Twitter video in this article!

A frightening video of two youngsters playing with a gun went viral recently, showing one of them shooting himself in the chest while the other fled the scene. The video that went viral was posted by a user by the name of Vacksyou.

There is an allegation of child endangerment against the aunt of a 10-year-old kid who accidentally shot and killed his 12-year-old brother as they were both playing with a gun at their St Louis home.

When Aja Johnson, 36, admitted to police that the gun used in Tuesday’s incident belonged to her, she was taken into custody by police.

A loaded gun was found on a bed in a room where three children were playing unsupervised, according to a probable cause statement.

Vacksyou twitter Information

When Ms Johnson’s nephew, 10, picked up the firearm and pointed it at his brother, he thought it was unloaded, according to the affidavit.

When asked about the gun she left in the bedroom, Ms. Johnson allegedly admitted to authorities that she “was to responsible for the killing of (the victim’s).”

She is currently being jailed without bail on an allegation of endangering the welfare of a child in the second degree.

On prior visits to the Walnut Park West neighbourhood of north St. Louis, the children had played with the rifle.

As reported by KSDK, the victim was identified by police as 12-year-old LaFrance Johnson, a sixth-grader in the Rockwood School District.

Previous reports said that the boys were shooting the gun while their mother was getting her hair cut.

In the wake of a recent spike in accidental shooting deaths and injuries among youngsters, St. Louis police issued a warning.

Dont play with guns twitter video controversy

After midnight, the 12-year-old girl was streaming on Instagram Live as she played with a gun, according to reports. When she reached for the gun, she shot herself in the head by accident, according to her family. She had accidently shot her cousin.

Another 12-year-old girl was injured recently in an unintentional shooting that she engaged in by herself.

Major Ryan Cousins of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says the recent shootings have spurred him to urge homeowners to secure their firearms with locks.

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