Watch Rapper AKA shot dead full video

Kiernan Forbes, a prominent rapper from South Africa, was killed by gunfire today as he stood outside of a restaurant in Durban. He was better known by his stage name, Rapper AKA. The 35-year-old victim reportedly received six bullet wounds, as reported by the local media.
The rapper’s family expressed their sorrow at his passing by publishing a message on his official Twitter account.

According to what was said in the statement, “it is with profound regret that we recognise the departure of our darling boy.”

Rapper AKA shot dead full video

According to the family, they are still waiting for more information from the Durban police.

The police have not been able to determine what motivated the shooting, and their investigation is ongoing.

In South Africa, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world, shootings are a very routine occurrence.

Watch Rapper AKA shot dead full video

However, despite the fact that many individuals have legal access to weapons for their own security, there are still a significant number of illicit firearms in circulation.

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