Watch Rapper Pat Stay stabbed death video!

Pat Stay, a Canadian rapper, died at the age of 36 after being stabbed in the centre of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pat was taken to the hospital right after, but he passed away soon after from his serious wounds. The rapper’s brother, Pete Stay, said that he had gone dead on Sunday morning, however the police haven’t formally verified it.

Canadian rapper Pat Stay, 36, stabbed to death.

The unfortunate situation was promptly addressed by the authorities. As of September 4, no one has reportedly been detained in connection with the stabbing, and officials are urging anybody with information to get in touch with them.

The rapper from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, regularly engaged in wordplay, insults, and freestyle fights with other rappers on stages. He quickly rose to prominence in the neighbourhood.

Rapper Pat Stay stabbed to death in Canada

He acknowledged that despite his achievements, he lacked the connections to be featured on important media outlets or platforms. Only a few hours before he passed away, he asked his followers for help in making his Instagram story more visible.

Who was Pat Stay? GoFundMe page raises more than $65000 as rapper is stabbed to death in Halifax

Drake gave him praise in a song where The Game was made fun of.
Drake may be heard singing, “Pat Stay’s probably one of, if not the best,” in a recently released song. The diss song’s YouTube video has had over 109K views and features a sample of Dido’s song “Thank You,” which was also included in Eminem’s song “Stan” from 2000.

Legendary Battle Rapper Pat Stay Fatally Stabbed in Halifax

The hip-hop artist was a father to his 5-year-old son Calvin and 10-year-old daughter Alaura. He would post pictures of them and heartfelt words on social media in celebration of important events like their birthdays. For his birthday last week, the devoted father posted pictures of Calvin on social media, one of which showed him snuggling up to him.

Was Pat Stay popular on social media?

He has a big social media following as a result of his fame.
At the time of his demise, Pat had more than 70,000 followers on Instagram and over 43,000 followers on Twitter. He promoted his music and ideals on his pages while also posting interview video. He frequently shared humorous videos of himself and got a lot of positive comments from his fans.

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