Who is Yash Dhull, India Under-19 captain 2022?

India Under-19 captain

Who is Yash Dhull?

Cricketers hailing from the capital city have revealed themselves in contrasting ways. Whether it is Virat Kohli who proved himself unbeatable or Unmukt Chand who faded after showing hopes to India. Yash Dhull is another delicate sparkling in the midst of these paradigms. Yash Dhull, a rising talent, is bridging the gap of the shattered desire of Indians to see another Virat Kohli outplay the foreign cricket teams. Virat Kohli was India under-19 cricket captain in 2008

Hopes of every cricket fan went over the horizon after U19 skipper and the India U19 captain Yash, smashed a century against the Australian cricket team alongside Sheikh Rasheed in the semifinal of the ICC U19 World Cup 2022 at Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua on 2nd February.

Yash Dhull Background

The delhite rising the heights of success, Yash Dhul was born on 11th November 2002. At the age of 19, he marked the beginnings of his passion. He paved the path for the Indian U19 Cricket team to grab the World Cup, and achieved the title of junior Virat Kohli.

Dhull is right hand batter who also represented Delhi at U-16 and U-19 matches. Yielder of jersey no.22 was announced as the captain for the first time in U19 Asia Cup. In December19, 2021, U19 world cup team was announced to which Dhull was named as captain again.

Yash initiated the steps towards cricket at the age of six. His mother is the witness of spark in Yash when he used to do shadow batting. When he was refused by the elders to join the game his mother stepped in. She took him to Bal Bhavan Cricket Academy and from thereon he began practicing professionally. Vijay Dhull, father of Yash goes on saying,

I had to ensure the best equipment like gear and kit for Yash to play. I provided him with English willow bats. I kept on upgrading his bats. Our income depended upon the pension of my father who was an army man. Yash would always wonder how we were managing it.

Interestingly, Dhull was attracted to become a medium-pace bowler but on the advice of his personal coach Pradeep Kochhar, he inclined to batting. He held the first award when he was 11 in a U-16 tournament.

Another inspiring fact about this youngster is that after knocking 110 runs, he became the 3rd Indian captain to score a U19 World Cup ton after former skipper Kohli and Unmukt Chand.

Above all Yash is in the talks of town after this massive victory. Not only his parents but every citizen is proud of him. Recently, R. Ashwin smashed one of the pessimist trolls on his twitter handle when the critic made a downtrodding statement. Senior off-spinner Ashwin praised Dhull by tweeting that, as the captain he has brought up his first century, he is sure that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. A fan replied nastly that the youngster’s career should not end up like Unmukt Chand to which Ashwin re-tweeted to encourage optimism and to not talk in negative way.

Reports mention that Dhull along with some other players got caught up in grasps of covid, still they made an amusing comeback. Yash is the torch bearer for more wins to achieve and to enlighten the dreams of the Indian cricket team.

India Under-19 captain 2022

India Under-19 captain Dhull smacked 110 runs alongside teammate Sheikh Rasheed who striked down 94 runs. Thus, pinning down the aggregate of 290/5 for overall 50 overs and qualifying for finals for the fourth time.

Facing a bar of 290 was like chasing the wind for the Aussies. In spite of knocking a half-century from Lachlan Shaw, there were nil chances to divert the winds in their favor as Australians stuck at the score of 194 in 42nd over. Moreover, Australian cricket teams irrespective of the categories are looked upon as a huge obstacle to go further. Ergo, the World Cup doesn’t seem far from the hands if aussies are beaten.

However, no one can ignore the fact of an off-start by the Indian team. As India lost its both openers at 37/2 in 13th over, Angkrish Raghuvanshi(6) and Harnoor Singh(16) were drawn out of the game. Still the course of action and challenging approach by Dhull was commendable. The way he diverted the situation in their favor was definitely not predictable. Dhull(110) with Sheikh Rasheed(94) became the game changers in the end.

India U19 head coach Hrishikesh Kantikar applauded the rising youngster by stating in a virtual conference that,

Young skipper can take his own decisions and his instincts will hold him in good stead. The primary quality you need to become a captain is carrying the respect of your team. Yash dhul has got the respect of all his players. He is able to take tough calls when needed. Yash is able to do justice to the job.

These statements were proved by Dhull by smashing down yellows in smithereens.

The amusing partnership touched the tip of its end when skipper got run out at 110 and Rasheed was caught off guard on the next ball ergo, missing his century. This is when Dinesh Bana arrived to steal the show and slayed the match by scoring 20 runs on 4 balls to build 290 in the 50th over. Bana stepped out being the torch bearer for the rest of the match and made the entire ground cheering for India. Rest of the responsibility was hovered on bowlers and they did make India win.

Yash dhull ipl

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