Williedlive Twitter Video of Drug Dealers Kill Beautiful Ig Model On Ig live pd

Williedlive Twitter Video

Williedlive Twitter Video of Drug Dealers Kill Beautiful Ig Model On Ig live pd

On Twitter, WillieDLive released terrible footage of a drug dealer who shot and killed a Beautiful If Model on IG Live, which has since gone viral. Watch this Williedlive Twitter video which includes a link to a website that is mentioned elsewhere in this post.

WillieDLive is a Youtuber who posts videos about current events and controversies. He is also active on Twitter and other social media platforms. On his Twitter account, he posts a lot of stuff that is linked to cryptocurrency and business.

WillieDLive posted a disturbing video of ‘Drug Dealers Kill Beautiful Ig Model on If Live Pd’ on his social media page one day. The video went viral in a short period of time.

Drug Dealers Kill Beautiful Ig Model On Ig live PD link

One can see in the video that the girl is pleading with a drug dealer to let her go, but they just listen to her for a minute before shooting her to death. It’s a shocking sight to behold. The identity of the young lady in the video has not yet been revealed.

Drug mules allegedly hired the Brazilian Instagram model with more than 10,000 followers to transfer drugs across the border to the United States. According to local sources gathered by MTO News, she was expected to transport the drugs from point a to point b with the assistance of the driver that the traffickers had provided her for the job.

According to reports in the area, the Ig model felt that their driver was taking too long and opted to take a taxi – only to be robbed by the taxi driver himself. The drug traffickers were so enraged with her that they planned to KILL her on her own Instagram profile, which she was unaware of. After forcing her to go live, the dealers murdered the gorgeous beauty in front of her thousands of adoring followers. Here’s the video that was broadcasted across the Instagram platform


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