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Laura Schumacher was never the sort of person to back down from an ambitious goal. Her decision to pursue her collegiate goals with the University of Wisconsin volleyball team was largely influenced by the fact that she had committed to the recruiting class of 2024 for the Badgers. Wisconsin volleyball leaked video

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She does this in order to compete at the greatest possible level and to strive for the championship, despite the fact that doing so requires her to forego certain possibilities that would be financially beneficial to her.

This is consistent with the attitude that Schumacher had before to the age of 13, when she first began playing volleyball. Schumacher has said, “I used to be a basketball player, and my ambition was to be the first women in the NBA.” [Citation needed] “Achieving it was the goal of my life.”

She said, “At the moment, I didn’t really give much thought to the practicalities.” “I believed I could do anything. After that, I became aware that I possibly lacked height for basketball. But I was a young player when I played volleyball. To tell you the truth, I put my money on you. I was capable of completing it.”

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As a result of her decision to go in a different direction and follow her sister Bella to the volleyball court, she will never be shown to be in the wrong. After seeing her older cousin Bella play in a competition, Lola made the decision to give volleyball a go and joined a club team in her hometown of Carmel, Indiana, which is located to the north of Indianapolis. Bella is three years Lola’s senior.

According to Schumacher, “So I walked there with my basketball shorts, a Stephen Curry jersey, and knee protectors, and I thought, let’s try it.”

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