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Unsettling video shows three individuals attacking and stabbing a youngster in public while the victim is on the ground. A young guy, 19, was assaulted by three persons clad in all black when he was in the East Village, and he was pulled to the ground as a result of the incident. According to the distressing new film, the assailants took turns punching and stabbing the victim throughout the assault. Watch woo lotti death video twitter in the last part of the article

woo lotti death and stabbing video

woo lotti death video twitter, woo lotti death video twitter, woo lotti death video twitter “allegedly took place on Sunday outside of 254 East 3rd Street around 5:45 p.m., according to the police, who have released film in the hopes of apprehending two of the suspects in the attack. Twitter footage of the killing of woo lotti”

The frightening footage shows one of the criminals tossing a metal scooter at the victim, which knocks him to the ground and causes him to lose his balance. The video then shows a second offender detaining the victim as the first offender hits him in the face many times.

Following this, a third person intervenes in the fight and stabs the victim many times in the back and shoulder before all three of them run away from the site of the crime.

Woo lotti death leaked video twitter

On Monday, a juvenile suspect with the age of 14 was taken into custody; however, owing to the fact that he is a minor, his name has not been made public. He was a member of the group of people who attacked. The horrifying footage shows three individuals attacking and stabbing a young person in broad daylight. He was accused of assaulting a victim.

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