Xsheeya onlyfans leaked, Age, Height, Wiki, Networth, Biography

Xsheeya onlyfans Xsheeya onlyfans leaked, Age, Wiki, Networth, Biography

This article will provide you with the most recent and relevant information available on xsheeya onlyfans leaked content. Continue reading to find the link to the leaked video along with her personal information.

Who is Xsheeya?

Klaudia Kołodziejczyk uses the stage name Xsheeya. Klaudia is an athlete and trained MMA fighter from Poland. She takes part in fighting competitions in Poland. FameMMA is a competition that is widely popular in Poland. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a form of fighting that is popular in many countries. In this competition, the fighter can use various techniques to overcome the opponent. It is a professional sport and not illegal. She maintains a good physique to take part in these competitions.

Apart from being involved in MMA, she is very passionate about bodybuilding. She has expressed her interest in going to the gym on many occasions. To show her love for the gym, she runs a website where she coaches people. On this site, she has given clear instructions on how she operates. There are also individual training plans. These plans allow you to choose your workout as per your choice. The plans have various pricing to choose from. There are affordable plans and then the premium is also available. It is not clear to us, as to where the training centre or gym is located. Because Klaudia encourages her customers to work from any preferred location.

Klaudia has a TikTok account @xsheeya and it has 219k followers. Adult content is a strict no on this page for Klaudia. She is currently following 100 people and has more than 6 million likes for her posts. Some of her videos are lipsyncing for songs. Whereas some videos are instructional regarding fitness and training. In some of her videos her boyfriend can be seen and he is also involved in FameMMA. She posts videos of her training sessions on this page.

Xsheeya on Onlyfans

@sheeya is Klaudia’s verified account. She has mentioned that she is new to the site. The charges for her account are $18.5 a month and $100 for 6 months. Has not posted or claimed to perform adult services on this site.

Xsheeya Age, Wiki, Networth, Biography

Since we do not have the exact date of birth and place, it is safe to say she was born and brought up in Poland. She is currently residing in Poland. Looking at her features she is easily above 6 feet in height and weighs 65 kgs. Her family have kept a very low profile and no information is available at the moment. Klaudia is known to be in a relationship with Tomasz Działowy. He is a YouTube and fitness trainer. He has 500k followers on Instagram and is the founder of vidmo.tv.

Xsheeya on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate a verified Twitter account of Klaudia. @xsheeya is her official Instagram page and has 84.2k followers. Because of her interest in fitness, she also has another account, @kolodziejczyk.treningi.

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