Youngest and oldest ipl player in auction list 2022

As the date for the ipl auction event approaches, its excitement grows. This ipl bidding is unique in that it is a full-time auction that is going to take place on Feb 12th. The total number of players who have signed up for this ipl auction is 590 count in total. But who are the Indian players on this list, and who are the youngest and the oldest ipl player 2022?

This IPL 2022 will be the 15th season of the Indian Premier League. Many of the top names in international cricket will be joining forces to brighten up the premier competition. One or two of those stars will be seeking to make their impact at one of the most important tournaments in cricket. While others will be trying to actually demonstrate the saying “age is just a number” is correct.

IPL Auction Date and 2022 IPL player list:

On Feb 1st, Tuesday, the Indian Premier League (IPL) released the official list of cricketers. Who will be auctioning off in the Indian Premier League Mega Event 2022. It will take place from Feb 12th to Feb 13th Bangalore. The bidding process will take place from Feb 12th to 13th in Bangalore. For the auction event, a total of 590 cricketers have enlisted, with 228 of them being secured players, 355 of them being uncapped, and 7 of them being from affiliate nationalities.

The Oldest Player in 2022 IPL season:

When it comes to the oldest player on this list. Imran Tahir of South Africa holds the distinction in bowling styles and wicket records. Tahir will turn 42 years of life this year, and he and he will embrace his 43rd birthday in March of this year. Tahir’s expertise and confidence have stoked the interest of IPL brand teams, who are eager to sign him on as a regular player. Imran  Tahir has played 59 tournaments in the IPL championship, during which he has taken the wickets of 82 batters at an average of 7.76 runs per over. Imran Tahir, a former South African national, and Afghanistan’s U-19 standout, Noor Ahmad. He also been naming to the Mega Auction’s 2022 roster, making them the oldest and youngest cricket players to be included in the tournament.

Tahir has played for the Delhi Daredevils and was a teammate of the Chennai Super Kings team in the double IPL championships of 2018 and 2021. He will be the oldest cricketer on the shortlist of players at the age of 42. Imran Tahir is one of the best bowlers in IPL seasons to strive for victory of Delhi Daredevils or Chennai Super Kings.

The Youngest Player in 2022 IPL season:

The youngest cricketer in the ipl event will be Noor Ahmed, from Afghanistan. And he will be taking over all the age records that the youngest player to participate, according to records,  his young age with the 17 years old teenage player has wowed many T20 league teams with his outstanding spin bowl. As we focused on the past, Noor Ahmad picked up four wickets in the Under-19 Asia Cup playing versus India. It was held in Singapore  Noor has continued to play a count of 33 T-20 matches so far, in which he has carried 33 wickets for an average of 7.23 runs per wicket  This left forearm spinner will be tried to bid by several teams.

The tragedy is that both Imran Tahir and Noor Ahmed had previously represented the same squad in the BBL. The Melbourne Renegades engaged these two players in which one is youngsters and the other is older in 2020. At that time Noor was only 15 years old, and they became part of the well-performing match.

IPL auction 2022 pricing:

When it comes to the cricketers who have been selecting for the ipl auction 2022. So, 48 ipl players have set their ground value at two crores. 20 players who have put their base cost at 1.5 crores, respectively. During this ipl event 2022, there are 34 such players, each with a base price of one crore rupees.

Let us hope that the content provided you with on-point information about Youngest and oldest player in IPL auction 2022.  We will be enjoying the IPL auction listing event on 12th Feb so, thank you and keep suggestive for the same.

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